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The Full Story

 Cassie Valley 

Get to know your Big Island Realtor 

About me

Cassie went to the University of South Florida and majored in international relations and Spanish. She has studied internationally in Chile, Spain, and Argentina. She moved to the island in 2009, as a 12 month gap year and 13 years later, she is still living in Hawaii and loving it. In her free time, you will find her either makai, swimming or diving in the ocean or up mauka, helping her husband on his organic vegetable farm with their two young daughters. 

My Real Estate Journey 

Cassie bought her first home in 2018, which ignited her passion for real estate, which was a complete shock.  Prior to real estate, Cassie was a teacher and never considered a career in real estate. However, since then, she has been immersed in the real estate field helping clients buy and sell homes, and is absolutely loving it. Being a former educator has definitely influenced her real estate career, in that not only does she take the time to educate her clients, however, but she is also constantly educating herself on all things related to Hawaii real estate. 

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