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South Kohala is known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, luxury beachfront properties, and its green countryside reminiscent of Scotland. South Kohala is located on the Northwest Coast of the Big Island and includes the towns of Waimea, Waikoloa, Puako, as well as the Kohala resorts of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Waikoloa. Known for its ranching communities, prime whale watching,  and great snorkeling. Residing between Kohala mountain and Mauna Kea mountain, the scenery will keep you awestruck. 

South Kohala 

Things to do in South Kohala 

Waimea:  Traditionally the history of Waimea was that of Parker Ranch, which is one of the largest cattle ranches in the United States. Today, however, it is one of the most desirable places to live on the island. With a higher elevation, it stays cooler than many of the sea-level towns, yet it is only a 15-minute drive to some of the nicest beaches on the island. Lush, green rolling hills spotted with cows and horses amongst a Mauna Kea mountain backdrop is the image that comes to mind when thinking of Waimea. 

Waikoloa Village: Located 6 miles uphill from the ocean is Waikoloa Village. This village was originally designed for the workers of the resorts, however, today is a growing community with condos, golf courses,  and community amenities. Waikoloa village is a popular place to live given its proximity to the ocean and Kona, as well as its newer homes. 

Beaches: Kohala beaches are world-renowned. There are many to choose from including Hapuna,  69s, Spencers, Puako,  and Anaehoʻomalu Bay. There are countless secluded bays to snorkel and watch the sunset. 


The average rainfall for South Kohala all depends on your location. For Waikoloa and the Kohala beaches is it 10-15”, while Waimea is 65"-100". Waimea is at an elevation of 2700', therefore, it can get chilly during the winter season. Waikoloa is known for being drier and windier, while the beaches and Kohala resorts are generally sunny and average 80 degrees. 


Waimea Elementary and Intermediate school
Waikoloa E
lementary and Intermediate school
Parker School  K-12 *private

Hawaii Preparatory Academy  K-12 *private


South Kohala is some of the priciest real estate on the Big Island.  In 2021, the average home price in South Kohala was $825,000, while the average-priced condo was $782,500. The housing in South Kohala ranges from luxury ocean view condos at the Kohala resorts,  to million+ dollar homes in Waimea, to newer builds in Waikoloa village.  However, the Big Island is not a real estate market that can be generalized. Each town has its nuances and specific characteristics, which contribute heavily to the market price. 


Distance to Hilo: 1 hr 15 minutes 
Distance to Kona: 45 minutes 
Distance to beaches: You're at the beach! However, if you are in Waikoloa village or Waimea it's a short 15-minute drive. 

In my opinion, South Kohala is prime real estate. With white sand beaches within your reach, you can't ask for more. From ocean-view condos to up mauka homes, South Kohala offers it all. 

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